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Shandong Golden Ocean Heavy Technology Co. Ltd ( the successor of the Jinxiang Alloy Steel Limited—Liability Company) , specialize in manufacturing  corrosion--,heat--,wear--,pressure—resistant alloy steel  castings and small—bore  stainless steel tubes and fittings, an appointed manufacturer of Beijing General research institute  of  Iron&Steel belonged to Ministry of Metallurgical Industry 

The brief introduction of products we supply are:

The heat--,corrosion—,wear—resistant seamless alloy steel tubes &fittings  of  which  outer diameters rang from 50mm  to  1500mm, the maximum of wall 200mm,sole length ranging from 3000mm to 5000mm according to the requirements. The manufacturing process is : many kind of alloy materials are  smelted into the qualified molten steel  according to certain matching ,then cast into various tube bases under the centrifugal function .Being fine in structure and crystallization ,the products have excellent performing of anti—pressure ,oxidation—resistance ,sustained intensity under high temperature.It can work for long under temperature 800 degree centigrade to 1200 degree centigrade and under pressure 30—40kgf each square centimeter .

The products we supply as well cover the cold—drawing stainless steel tubes ,fittings ,valves,stainless steel pumps.etc.,which have fine performing of heat- ,corrosion-,wear-resistance.We can supply ceramic complex steel tubes which outer diameters rang from 68mm to 630mm,sole maximum length 4000m.The process is: spray molten alumna with temperature more 2600 degree centigrade over the internal surface of complex steel under centrifugal function ,and generate the complex steel made of ceramic layer ,transitive transitional layer and steel layer. Being fine in performing of wear-,heat-resistance and sustained intensity against mechanical hit and heat hit ,they are suitable for the conveying condition of serious wearing,eroding.

The quality assurance system of our company complies with ISO9002 as well as products with standards ofHG/T2601-94, GB/714975,GB13296-9,GB9948-88and ASTM or JIS.

The technical force of our company is rich ,has more ten—year experience of centrifugal casting and sound system of assurance quality. we have established long-term cooperation with dozens of science research & design universities throughout the country .Devoting to the development of alloy steel tubes and fittings with new material ,new methods ,new technology, we do our utmost to provide the possibility of satisfy every client with our supplies

The company is located in the southwestern area of Shandong province. It is close to Canal  Jin-Hang ,Qufu sight ,Wenshan lake ,Mountain Liang ,Mountain Tai .And It has the convenience of  traffic system .Welcome friend in every field to negotiate business and exchange experience!

 Keyword :  stainless steel tube ,big-bore thick wall steel tube ,heat-resistant steel tube ,wear-resistant steel ,ceramic complex steel tube ,thin wall stainless steel tube ,nonmagnetic steel and various fittings for heat—treatment. 

Shandong Golden Ocean Heavy Technology Co. Ltd

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